Tips for First Time Car Buyers

Tips for First Time Car Buyers
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Are you in the market for your first car? If you are, prepare to be excited and exasperated. While you’re probably already imagining riding your first wheels, let’s make sure you buy the right one. Below are guidelines to follow for first time buyers:

Set a budget

Cars come in different make, model and price tags. You don’t want to go to a dealership without knowing how much you can afford unless you want to have a hard time. Before anything else, set your budget and do your research with that mind.

Do your homework

Because buying a car is a major investment, you cannot just go out there without doing your own homework. You need to research the type of cars, price tags and car financing if you’re not buying it outright. You need to know how much monthly car payments you can afford and for how long before paying a visit to the dealership.

Identify your wants vs. needs

You must also weigh on your wants and needs. Most of the time, the two do not always coincide. You may want a certain model and make but your transportation needs require a different type of car. Sit down, research some more and aim to establish your needs first then insert your wants to the picture if possible.


Find a dealer

If you’re ready with your budget and you know exactly the type of car that you want, the next step is to find a dealer nearby. You may ask family and friends for recommendations. Or you may scout the area yourself. Either way, the key is to take your time checking out several options before settling with one.

Take a test drive

Before you say yes, never finalize your decision unless you’ve taken a test drive. It is only when you’re actually driving the car of your choice that you’ll know by gut feeling if it’s the right option or not.

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