Best Economical Electric Cars for 2015

Best Economical Electric Cars for 2015
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For many who are on a tight budget, the tendency is to look for cars that are the cheapest in the market. Low price, however, is not always an indication that the car is actually the most affordable.

Aside from the price tag, there are other key considerations to keep in mind including fuel efficiency, resale value, insurance costs and of course financing. Sometimes you have to be willing to pay more in order to reap a good return on investment in the long run.

Based mainly on fuel economy while also considering other aforementioned factors, below are 6 of the best economical car for 2015:

BMW i3

Topping the list is the BMW i3 which is a compact car that has an expected range of 80 to 100 miles. When on the pavement, the car puts out an equivalent of 170 horsepower making run powerfully while being economical.


Chevrolet Spark EV

Though small, Chevy’s latest offering is an energetic and all electric car that does not compromise when it comes to performance. It features a 130 horsepower and the battery pack is believed to cover 82 miles on average when charged.

Nissan Leaf

Dubbed as the top selling EV car in the US, the Nissan Leaf is reasonably priced and well-equipped with a 107 horsepower equivalent electric motor. The car is claimed to run for 84 miles on average when fully charged. It also looks stylish enough to cater to different tastes.

Mitsubishi iMiEV

If you wish to own an EV car in the cheapest way possible without compromising performance, this Mitsubishi offering is a particularly fine car to look into. The car is small hence easy to drive around and park. The modest vehicle clocks at about 62 miles on average and comes completed with an array of features like heated seats.

Kia Soul EV

Another latest offering from Kia is this Soul EV which an all-electric compact hatchback. The estimated EPA is claimed to be 93 miles on a charge. It takes five hours to charge the motor. It is relatively expensive than other options and is only currently sold on limited dealerships.

Ford Focus Electric

Ford’s electric version of their popular Focus sedan is a compact car that is believed to have an estimated EPA of 76 mile on a charge. Charging takes four hour and the motor generates about 143 horsepower while on the road giving you a dynamic driving experience.

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