7 Free Travel Apps That Will Save You Money

7 Free Travel Apps That Will Save You Money
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If you’ve been infected by the travel bug then anytime of the year is practically prime time to take a vacation. Whether it’s just a weekend getaway or a week of business trip across the country, you don’t have to spend top money so you can do what you love most. Today, there are more travel apps than ever which you can take advantage to save money while exploring the world. Below are seven of the best free apps you can down load today.


For last minute booking, Roomer is an excellent app that lets you get a room even if the city hotels seem to be fully booked or sold out. By using Roomer, you might just change your luck. You get first dibs on unwanted hotel reservations which another person may have foregone because of certain circumstances. You can also use roomer to sell your prepaid hotel reservations if the situation calls for it.

Wi-Fi Finder

Whether you’re in another city, state or country, Wi-Fi Finder will help you locate a Wi-Fi hotspot so you can enjoy free Internet on your mobile. It’s available for both iOS and Android. Download the app now and you don’t have to pay for Internet while travelling.


One of the best ways to save money when travelling is to book your flights as soon as you know the dates. Skyscanner is another free app which you can use to find and compare affordable flights as provided by thousands of online travel sites and airline ticket providers.


Airports by TravelNerd

If you’re travelling for business, Airports by TravelNerd is your perfect partner when flying across the globe. The app is for free but is unfortunately only available for iOS devices. For the lucky ones, the app gives you information on Wi-FI, amentiies, terminal maps and even nearby parking options as well as pricing. To save more money, the app has an option which lets you share a cab with other travelers.


Save time and money with GasBuddy as the app tells you information about the nearest gas stations within the area you’re currently in. Along with info on gas station locations are pricing and comparison. You’ll be able to compare whether one station offers a cheaper per gallon rate than the other station nearby.


Don’t spend your vacation time stuck on the word by downloading Waze on your mobile. The free app updates you about the traffic situation in the area real time. The app also tells you whether you need to be redirected to a new and shorter route in cases of road accidents.

Hotel Tonight

Do you need to spend another night in the city but without any hotel reservation to save the day? Fret not because Hotel Tonight is just the app that you need. You don’t have to get ripped paying a hefty hotel fee for a night. When you use the app, you can quickly find last minute hotel reservations at a good and reasonable price.

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